Product Reviews: Fitbit Review – How I have finally been losing weight the past few months

Since this site is all about losing weight, I have to mention one product that made all the difference for me (Fitbit).  I’ve done Atkins diet many years ago, lost about 30lbs, then gained it all back plus more once I started eating the irresistible carbs again!  I started going to a trainer at the local gym nearly 2 years ago twice a week.  Initially I lost about 25 pounds, but then I took a break for a month after going out of the country on vacation.  Since then I’ve put on about 30lbs and at 32 years of age I had never weighed more.  I was in denial for the longest time, I even gave up weighing myself on the scale just to avoid learning the obvious truth. I’ve like share my Fitbit review here.

During Thanksgiving I was browsing online looking for early Christmas presents to get for my family and friends and I ran into something called Fitbit.  Once I read about the product and the reviews, I just had to try it out myself.  It’s only been a few months since I’ve been using it, but it’s transformed my life.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 2 months and I feel great.  It’s been a long time since I’ve lost weight!

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What Fitbit Does

The purpose of the device is to encourage you to take at least 10,000 steps and climb 10 floors daily.  This is the default, depending on your age and health condition you can set your own goals.  The reason Fitbit is so amazing is how it gets you to do this.

For those that have used a pedometer before (I have never), it’s similar to that but much, much more.  You’ll end up reading about it in more detail from their website, but I’ll just give my thoughts about what it does that matter to me.  First of all, it’s a tiny little device (4 ozs) that easily clips on your clothing.  Since I’m a guy I just clip it to my front pocket and go.  Once you put it on, the only times I ever take it off is when I shower (good time to charge Fitbit).  The device itself will track the number of steps you take, distance travelled, number of floors you’ve climbed, amount of calories burned, and a picture of how active you’ve been.  You can see all of this information on the device with a very cool OLED screen that’s off by default.

Now the cool part…

Fitbit syncs wirelessly

The device comes with a base station that you plug into your computer (Windows or Mac).  The base station itself is used as both a charging station and a syncing station.  All of the data that’s stored on the Fitbit device is transmitted to the Fitbit website where you create a free account.  The website itself is well organized.  You first input in your personal information such as your age, height, weight, and goals.  Once done the device will be configured to automatically upload the data to the base station (Wirelessly!)  Once you’re within about 20 feet of your computer where the base station is plugged in, the Fitbit device will automatically upload its data and it goes straight to the website.  The website also provides and interface for you to log your food (calorie intake).  If you’ve been reading the website you understand that the proper way to lose weight is through diet AND exercise.  It took a few days, but once you input in a type of food it will be bookmarked and after awhile you’re just selecting from a list of foods you’ve eaten and updating it.  You set your desired weight goal and how soon you want to reach that goal.  Based on that information the website will determine how much calories you can eat for the day in order to reach your target weight by the date you specify.  The cool part is that the amount of calories allowed increases as you do more activities.  My default calories allowed is about 1300 a day for me to lose 2lbs a week.  After stepping on the treadmill for an hour and a walking around randomly during the day at work, I’m allowed to eat up to about 2300 calories and still reach my goal.  It’s not only a great feeling to know that I can eat more the more active I am, but knowing that I’ve eaten a lot and still be able to reach my desired weight goal is just wonderful.

Fitbit Dashboard

Another feature that I really like is that Fitbit has a free iPhone app (or you can use their mobile website from other devices).  With the iPhone app I’m able to log in the food I eat when I eat it without having to wait to access the computer to enter it in later.

Fitbit iPhone App

Finally Fitbit also tracks my sleeping patterns.  I wear it around my write with a nice wrist band that comes with the product.  It took a couple of days to get used to having something on my wrist when I sleep (I don’t wear a watch), but now I don’t even realize it’s there.  It tracks when you sleep, how often you wake up, and shows you how much you really slept each night.  It’s neat to be able to look back and see how you sleep over the past month or longer.

Fitbit tracking sleep

I think I’ve shared enough in this Fitbit review for you to go read more about it yourself.  If you or someone you know is wanting to lose weight, I’d suggest you pick this up right away and get started today.  It made a huge difference in my life, maybe it can for you or someone you know as well.

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