Cookie Diet

One of the things women are most worried about is their weight. Having the perfect body the right weight is a problem many women face. That is why they use certain diets, thus making food restrictions to help them lose weight. But not all diets are efficient. Some might be very strict and make you feel dizzy; others might need to be combined with exercising. There are different kinds of diets that combine calories in a different manner but of the most efficient ones is considered to be the cookie diet. We will discuss about that and some other diet related information in the following article.

Cookie diet what is it?

We mentioned in the introduction that we are going to talk about diets, or to be more precise about the cookie diet. We will give you some additional data about the diet, but before we go into details we should first define the term. A cookie diet refers to a diet with low calories in which people control the hunger or replace meals with cookies. There are a lot of different cookie diets that can be found online or offline and they are all different. It is wise to question your source well before you decide to take one. The most popular one is considered to be the diet from Dr. Siegal. The diet contains no more than 6 cookies a day and it can be combined with food in specific cases. There are also some other cookie diets like the Hollywood diet but we will discuss about the one from Dr. Siegal.

Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet

If you decide to make a cookie diet than we recommend you do the one from Dr. Siegal. He is a doctor that came up with a cookie since 1975 that will control hunger in people. The cookie was intended for his patients. He advised them to eat six of the cookies per day. In other words they needed to take 500 calories through the day and 300 in the evening. The diet is a total hit and people and clinics have been using it ever since. He managed to popularize it through advertisements thus making the diet a total success. A lot of doctors are using the methods of this diet even today. Dr. Siegal also brought a soup and some mixes to the market that had the same ingredients as the cookies.

How to perform the cookie diet?

The cookie diet is a rather easy and fast way to lose weight. It doesn’t involve some hard decisions or hunger. The only thing you need to do is decide what cookie you are having during the day and for dinner. There are amino acids in the cookie that make you forget hunger. Six cookies are the same as 500 calories. Dinner should have 300 calories. Dinner should also include proteins or a salad. It is a fast and easy way to lose weight and stay fit fast and easy. So if you are considering a diet the cookie diet is the right choice.

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