Blood Group Diet – Lose Weight & Feel Good

The secret behind the fitness of Hollywood star Liz Hurley is something unique. It is known as the blood group diet. An innovative weight loss and fitness meal plan that owes its origin to the mastermind of Dr. Peter D’Adamo; this diet concept is only a few decades old (invented in 1980s), but has left behind all others, in the proven results that it delivers to its followers without fail.Blood group diet is making its prominence along with other types of diets such as Anorexic Diet & Ketosis diet

What is the blood group diet?

Dr. D’Adamo professed that each single blood type developed at specific points in history, and adopting the meal plans followed by our ancestors during such times, is the trick to stay fit and healthy in life.

Scientific basis of the plan

The theory of the blood type diet is supported by science. Dr. D’Adamo professes that blood groups of individuals determine the ability of their bodies to cope with certain nutrients. Blood groups, for instance, affect the stomach acidity levels and also determine the quantity of digestive enzymes produced by it. As a result, the antigen in the blood reacts adversely with foods that does not comply with its group, causing indigestion, weight gain and health problems in the way. Following the blood group diet cuts back all these adversities.

Foods to eat as per evolutions of blood groups

Blood group O

The foremost blood group to be identified in history was the O group, around 50,000 B.C. in our hunter gatherer ancestors. Food friendly to this blood group is therefore obviously high protein stuff like meat and fish. Experts advise O group blood type people to avoid carb-rich foods and dairy.

Blood group A

Blood group A evolved around 15,000 B.C. when the world inhabitants were more inclined towards farming. Naturally, a veggie diet, rich in vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds is the recommended platter for individuals having A as blood group.

Blood group B

Blood type B came through sometime around 10,000 B.C, when our nomadic ancestors prevailed. A combination of varied foods like meat, fish, veggies, grains and coffee is thus recommended for B blood group people.

Blood group AB

Blood type AB evolved most recently, merely 1000 years back, and true to its name, behaves best when a mixture of blood group A and blood group B diet is incorporated into its meals. Veggies, fruits, fish and meat are the recommended foods.

What is interesting about the discovery of blood group diets is that never before was the blood group considered an important factor to be kept in mind while defining your diet. Eating according to your blood group will help you remain healthy in the long run, as your blood group would not change, and having a matching eating pattern can be significantly beneficial. In spite of the criticism that blood group diets have, it surely will deliver long lasting results to your health. Blood group diet has delivered proven results for worldwide followers, and you should the revolution too.


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